News from October 2021  

Hi folks, members and friends !

As we have not been able to run any Events for almost 2 years now we decided to add some new types of Challenges to "TheBondageChallenge" from October 2021. So we now also do Whppping Challenges, Water Bondage Play, Suspensions and other Bondage & BDSM Endurance Challenges.

We hope to be able to run some new Events in 2022 and bring you more Live Escape Bondage and also more Bondage Wrestling next year !


Stay tuned ant thanks for your patience...



Lena King at Venus Fair

09.02.201417:28 MinutenBondage
Lena King at Venus Fair 0
Lena King at Venus Fair 1
Lena King at Venus Fair 2
Lena King at Venus Fair 3
Lena King at Venus Fair 4

This Update was already published on ! Visit Lena´s Bondage Website and find much more extraordinary Bondage Action !


Meet Yvette & Lena live at the Eros & Amore Fair in Neu Ulm from February 21 - 23 in 2014 ! More Information at

3 new Challenges for Yvette

11.08.2012Yvette Costeau53:09 MinutenBondage
3 new Challenges for Yvette 0
3 new Challenges for Yvette 1
3 new Challenges for Yvette 2
3 new Challenges for Yvette 3
3 new Challenges for Yvette 4

The Queen of Escapes is back ! Watch her in 3 new Escape Attempts...

Fayth on Fire !

19.05.201229:33 MinutenBondage

Claire Adams & Drea Morgan

14.05.201233:03 Minuten und 27 BilderBondage
Claire Adams & Drea Morgan 0
Claire Adams & Drea Morgan 1
Claire Adams & Drea Morgan 2
Claire Adams & Drea Morgan 3
Claire Adams & Drea Morgan 4

A really hard Challenge for 2 US Bondage Heroes...

A new Game

19.03.2012Yvette Costeau83:41 Minuten und 86 BilderBondage
A new Game 0
A new Game 1
A new Game 2
A new Game 3
A new Game 4

We played a new Game. Yvette will get tied 4 times in different Chair Tie Positions. How often do you think she can escape ???

Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt

10.03.2012Yvette Costeau20:57 MinutenBondage
Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt 0
Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt 1
Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt 2
Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt 3
Yvette Blindfold Escape Attempt 4

Something we never did before. Yvette was tied and blindfolded and requested to Escape !

Lena King vs. Delona

06.03.201236:05 MinutenBondage
Lena King vs. Delona 0
Lena King vs. Delona 1
Lena King vs. Delona 2
Lena King vs. Delona 3
Lena King vs. Delona 4

Chair Tie Escape Attempt live from the Erotic Fair in Graz, Austria...