News from October 2021  

Hi folks, members and friends !

As we have not been able to run any Events for almost 2 years now we decided to add some new types of Challenges to "TheBondageChallenge" from October 2021. So we now also do Whppping Challenges, Water Bondage Play, Suspensions and other Bondage & BDSM Endurance Challenges.

We hope to be able to run some new Events in 2022 and bring you more Live Escape Bondage and also more Bondage Wrestling next year !


Stay tuned ant thanks for your patience...



TheBondageChallenge in Summer 2017  

Hi folks. fans and followers !

After more than 5 years of we change our Update and Content Routine a little bit. We will move to a weekly update routine with additional Bonus Updates from the Archives or from single Events. In the Future we will focus more on series of realistic and original Public Escape Bondage Challenges like the "Challenge Stage" at BoundCon. Real Battles between Rigger and Model - No Fakes, no mercy !!! Next to this we will bring you some private Bondage Challenges, mostly cruel Predicament Bondages where you can see and feel the pain and effort of the Model, fighting to stand the uncomfortable and painful positions...